Freshman brings Allen Fieldhouse parking garage alive with trumpet music

Caden Dean playing his trumpet toward campus in the Allen Fieldhouse parking garage. Wesley Cudney / UDK

On random nights, musical notes can be heard from the Central District of campus. On a quiet night, the sounds of the trumpet can be faintly heard echoing on Jayhawk Boulevard at the top of the hill.

Curious students find the music’s source to be in an unlikely place, the Allen Fieldhouse parking garage.

The music emanating from the garage varies widely and the genre seems to swap by the minute. The next riff could be anything, like classical, pop, or jazz.

Combining jazz riffs with the dreary, rainy fall-like weather of Lawrence gives Mount Oread the atmosphere of a noir film, that a trench-coated detective could be around any corner, ready to grill you about the latest criminal case.

The mysterious performer, Caden Dean, is up on the third floor belting out riffs from his favorite songs while the parking garage echoes them back.

Read the full story and hear Dean play at the University Daily Kansan

As a bonus, here are photos the UDK did not use:

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